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Welcome to Dragon Bones

In the year 1020 a major upset in power occurred on the great island of Kado. It’s anchient dragon keeper Kado disappeared from it’s skies and the world below was left to adjust. Once great creatures who cowered in caves no longer feared the outside world and ventured forth into civilization. Goblins serge in number and audacity, expanding outward in all directions. The elves, the only creatures cunning enough to evade the dragons gaze are now threatened by this wild world and ever day loose a little more control.

It has been three years since then, in 1023 the Elves have lost much and now face a new challenge. The human kingdoms from the rest of Midcore have discovered the dragon’s absence and taken advantage. Large settlements have sprung up overnight, taking root in once great forests. Are these people who scavenge the land for all its worth another uncontrollable force, or perhaps these people and their heroes have the power to restore order to this land.

Dragon Bones

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